Welcome to Mayhew-Brown Funeral Home

Jackson, Ohio is a town packed with tradition, overflowing with history and preserved with the memories of families who have lived, worked and played here for generations.

We grew up in this community.  We share those exclusive childhood memories of the Apple Festival, the eisteddfod, "Bubbles" from Michael's ice cream, Foothills Art Festival, Friday nights with the Jackson Fighting Ironmen and so many other priceless traditions.  We're proud ofour town.  Most of all we're proud to be raising our family in our town.

To be able to live, work and raise our family in the community where we both grew up is a privilege.  We know times are tough.  Families have moved away to find work and new opportunity and those who have stayed here are still experiencing the challenges associated with small town life in a time when the economy isn't seeing it's finest hour and the industries our parents and grandparents relied on for job security are no more.

But through it all, there's one thing that has stayed the same for so many of us and that's our sense of PRIDE.  The pride we feel when we watch our children play together and succeed together in our excellent school district, or when our community members come together to benefit a family or local citizen in need or even when we sit on the street corner every September and watch the Jackson Marching Ironmen take to the streets during the Saturday night parade at the Apple Festival.

We are a community that endures the challenges, but celebrates the goodness that exists.  We're proud to be a part of Jackson County.  Thank you for allowing our family an opportunity to become part of yours.

Jason & Shelley Brown & Family